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The market is filled with electronic lock systems and what not as far as state of art technology is concerned but a significant population still relies on mechanical locks of yore. Pin, tumblers and keys are integral part of our lives, especially, those people who have still not come to terms with new-age devices. Although conventional locks are simple to operate, keeping track of the keys can be a major nuisance. One time misplacement could lead to unfortunate lockouts and problems to both home and office owners. The only way to avoid the problem is to opt for key duplication services or else you are in for a very tough time.

In order to get the exact copy, the best option to contact Acworth GA Locksmith Store in the Acworth, GA area which has array of automatic devices fully capable of creating keys with unmatched precision. User-friendly interface handled by locksmith professionals infuses unparalleled quality unmatched by any other vendor in the region. As a part of the process, key duplication incorporates following perspectives:

Mechanical key duplication:

Conventional keys of the pin and tumbler locks can be duplicated but they require a very higher degree of accuracy and expertise from the locksmith. In order to accomplish the task, contact our experts who can copy the keys with simple tools ranging from glue to high quality metals.

Code machine cutting method:

Acworth GA Locksmith Store believes in keeping pace with the times, therefore we use state of the art equipment to cut keys of specific sizes. Machines are equipped with independent jaws and decoders to not only to create flat but also laser keys. Equipped with optical readers, they perform Key Duplication using the decoding process. In spite of being a bundle of capabilities, these machines are extremely portable and handy in resolving emergency situation right on the spot. Not only that, all machines in the inventory of Acworth GA Locksmith Store are loaded up in our mobile vans that can cut keys, anytime and anywhere you need them.

Our locksmith professionals use their years of experience and cutting-edge tools to resize the keys, according to the requirements and specifications of clients. Each groove of the key is measured exactly by the experts with accurate alignment of the key blank. 

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